JK's earnings per word, a flight to nowhere, Christmas is looming, and the UK's safest city.


Lots of great campaigns this week, mainly using clever calculations. We have the Molly Mae campaign by Silverbean, who calculated how long it would take her to earn back the £8k she spend on prizes. There's also a campaign by Reboot who have calculated earnings per word for JK Rowling (£1,500!!). Lastly, Bronco have calculated the winning formula for John Lewis Christmas ad, which is a really clever idea, and probably my favourite campaign from this week.

One last shout out for the online conference I'm putting on tomorrow (EEK!). It's been an absolute labour of love, UNCANNED has been over a year in the making and our debut event. I'm so proud of where we are for our first year. It's going to take a lot to beat Coca-Cola next year. This is also for a great charity so please do sign up and give a bit of cash...

Have a great week,

Bethanie Dennis